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I'm sorry everyone

So this lazy blogger made a stupid idea of slacking but look what she loot :p


On deviantart, people are so creative that they made emoticons out of user icons. An overload of fake D.A accounts have been popping lately and you can even put together more than 1 icon. Only plus accounts can get images on their journals alright but now that fake accounts are popular, they can be used as an alternative but the number one reason why they are so used is to have some fun.PLZ– short-hand for “please”; an inactive account that is only used for its avatar in the likeness of an emoticon, whose username typically ends with “plz” (there are exceptions to the rule)

plz-whoswho– a directory of PLZ accounts; some thought it to be a robot
PLZification– the act of creating an avatar to be used for a PLZ-account
(as defined by escanive)
PLZer– one who creates a PLZ

A collective directory of plz accounts are located here – plz-whoswho and a creative example from a fake kaito account here kaitoishappyplz.


Are livejournals dying? Lately the purpose of being ‘community friendly’ in LJ now almost faded, the new “in” is being the best “icon community” and being the best “layout community”. Icon competitions are rare, some even closed. And old members are dying every year. Re-visiting lj after my 4-year absence, I’ve noticed my friends also quit blogging, most of them are busy in their personal lives but some just find the fun gone. I’ve noticed more and more communities just die out, most of them are inactive since 2006. But some still remain active, but it still can’t beat the communities before that were really active.


So, twitter is in for anime-bloggers? It sure is~, you can find personal updates from your favorite bloggers without them spamming their blogs. It’s really fun to read their thoughts — (makes you look like a stalker huh?)

4.)Scanlation as a career

Summer break is almost near and for some it ended. Scanlation teams are getting bigger each day but they also disband so easily because it takes a huge amount of work to fuss over the deadlines. So are you gonna work for the fans? Yup I did.

5.) Say hello to the new vocaloid mascot

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Ranka Lee’s voice actress finally has her own vocaloid mascot. Meet Megloid! More information from MoeTron.

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