Valkyria Chronicles Episode 18

That was unexpected

So here I thought Valkyria would work on some miracles like cliche anime, where the heroine gets shot and revives again. But I guess this was an unexpected turn.

At Isara’s funeral, squad 7 grieved over the loss of the young Darcsen technician.  The only person who seems to be unaffected was Welkin. Covering his sorrow with a stiff face, he thanked everyone but he never showed any emotions, Ramal was outraged. He blamed Welkin for being irresponsible but Faldio stopped him.

What a pretentious guy

The next events then proceeded to Damon tramping Isara’s mantle after seeing it hanging on Edelweiss, Squad 7 was furious. Rossie even took the mantle and made Damon slipped and landed on his fat ass. Damon wanted to punish Rossie but Welkin took responsibility. The only thing that Damon was interested at is the smoke bombs created by Isara, but nobody had a clue on how to make one. Even so, Damon commanded them  to do it and Welkin would be the one responsible for it. Alicia was getting more concerned of Welkin for being the one to be blamed but Welkin didn’t mind and continued his job being the commander.

Welkin, you asshole!

That night,  Alicia noticed the rest of the squad members gone. She found them digging a hole to get revenge on Damon, she tried to stop the protest but cant get the words right. So she could only ask for Welkin’s help. But Welkin refused and continued  researching about the smoke bombs, Alicia couldn’t keep he feelings much longer and ended up with a confession. Welkin, was surprised but didn’t gave of a nice vibe and just quietly stared at her.

No, but it would be better if you did it :d

Alicia ran and cried and accidentally bumped to Faldio and accidentally droped the ragnite.Faldio noticed it and was surprised, his curiosity of Alicia grew even more.  He then asked Alicia about her whereabouts, so she told him everything. Welkin proceeded to the squad members and gave them the lecture.

Too late!

At Isara’s grave Rossie cant help thinking about her and decided to visit her grave. Ramal was there and told Rossie about the doll. Rossie probably felt guilty all that time that she ridicules Isara, so she sang a darcsen song that Isara loved dedicated to her. Back at Welkin’s office, Faldio decided to stop by and told him about his members but Welkin never showed signs of giving a damn. Faldio thought Welkin was too hard on himself and decided to punch him to bring him back to his senses.

And the best character development goes to…Faldio! This show has its ups and downs alright especially between Alicia and Welkin. We’ve been seeing Alicia blushing several times for Faldio but why the sudden character change?  And Faldio has been rather trivial lately. I’ve noticed his feelings for Alicia is probably …not true. Why? When he asked Welkin about Alicia, Welkin just shoved the question back at him. Faldio was offended, it was as if he only wanted Welkin to develop feelings for Alicia so he created this rival battle between the two.

Anyway, at least Faldio made the series more interesting. His feelings forAlicia is probably out of curiosity. The ragnite stone for example, probably he will connclude that Alicia is a Valkyrie. Alicia had no parents, her ability to heal was pretty quick and her mysterious background was intriguing.

Isara’s death shows no mercy in the series. I guess the possibility of someone dying in the episodes to come is pretty high. Well, cant wait for that~ I’m really glad that the minor characters had their lines on this episode. It’s quite a rare opportunity, especially the young members of squad 7.

Rating: B


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