Black Rock Shooter Anime – Yay or Nay?


Black Rock Shooter, the original character drawn by Huke finally has it’s own anime. Yay or nay?  Click “read more” to find out. Possible spoilers ahead!


The YAY:

 Fans are happy to find out that their favorite Miku-sister finally has it’s own anime. Who can’t be? At least we can actually see/imagine Miku playing a cosplay role in the anime. And the style of the anime actually resembles k-on!. The scriblby part of it though.

Seeing BRS into anime was almost like a fanfiction fantasy but now it came true, BRS probably did attract too much attention and thus made into anime. That was quick for an anime production, usually they announce it and will be made into production 2-3 years from now but for an internet-popularity video, it’s quite rare to be on high-priority. Probably the producers are aiming for more publicity and BRS stuff to sell.


The NAY:

I’ve always been wondering if Huke is being selfish claiming BRS as his "original creation". Obviously, BRS resembles too much of Miku. Not to mention, even her theme song is being sung by Miku.

But the saddest part of it, why..why why…Vocaloid never had a chance of being turned into an anime!? Project Diva should have been a good start! Even the selling of over-expensive figurines were a positive sign of it’s popularity! But why… :[

They added random school girls in the anime, but the faces of it quite resembles Black rock shooter and dead master. (see picture number 3). Is this the hint Huke planned so BRS would officially be called an “original character”. Probably, base on the previews, here are my guesses

  • Girl on right is BRS (base on preview)
  • Girl on left is Dead Master (base on hair)
  • It’s an ordinary school girl turned to a magical girl shooting black rocks, oh wait! blue rocks :]

I’m also afraid of how producers can execute the anime quality, being turned into an anime in a short time probably meant less planning and more crap quality. Oh, well let’s just hope the anime wont FAIL. And let’s pray Vocaloid can have it’s own anime production soon. XD


One thought on “Black Rock Shooter Anime – Yay or Nay?

  1. If I have my facts straight, BRS was an OC make by Huke before Miku even existed. BRS just happened to look a lot like her, which inspired Ryo to make a song for her to Huke’s concept story and finally the 3DPV was made. Just sayin’.

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