High and Mighty color swamp man review

Rating: A-

The first thing you’ll notice as you listen to this album is its heaviness. After the poppish sound of their recent albums, this finally sounded metal (again) . The new vocalist delivers quite well, as her voice is suited for just that style. I mean, Halca should stick to this metal-influenced style rather than doing what Makii did.

My favorite tracks are:

XYZ– The single which came out a couple of months before the official release was simply a heavy beast. It was heavy on the verses while Yuusuke’s verses transition well with Halca’s chorus part. This is the only song where Halca’s voice shows some power, as the other tracks just feature her singing notes.

Fly me to the other moon– This song has a nice groove in it, which is great if you’re just looking for a good reason to bop your head back and forth. It sounds much like dance-metal song though the main feature of this song are guitars on overdrive. Both vocalists, especially Halca just flow with the instruments. I like it though ;). This song makes me think of the Tau Empire: sleek, sophisticated and hi-tech.

Pain This sounds like an old Makii song, that’s why I think this would rock much more if Makii did the chorus, though Halca does a satisfactory job. It’s quite refreshing to hear Yuusuke take the lead and be the main vocalist at least this once.

Hate– Halca actually sounds great in this song. She clearly sings a different style from Makii, though she holds her own. As I’ve said, her voice is just suited to heavy songs like this.

Overall, it was good. The new vocalist did a good job in her debut album and I liked how they went back to being metal… They ought to. Their vocalist’s register is perfect for that genre.

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