Pandora Hearts is moving?! and…


In order for us to fully use some nifty stuff like those awesome self-hosted anime blogs, our conclusion was to do a huge move!

It’s been such a while since we’ve updated the blog. Well first of all, I’d like to thank our new author Thingle for being with us. He’s our new co-author at pandora hearts and we totally planned for this day to announce it.

So what took you b*tches to show up late?!

My apologies for the sudden absence. There were many troubles at my school and I was so piled up with private life problems that it was hard to keep track of everything. I almost felt the urge to delete this blog, but..the passion still burns.

Furthermore 23 new entries were saved by me for the grand opening which was suppose to be published after the renovation but it was probably divine punishment that my Hard Disk Drive crashed and ate all my important stuff including my school homework, 230 gb of animu and manga, and the future entries.


I really wanted to thank this guy for hosting us. *kisses his feet*



The site moved to :

and the new name is : SHINKAI SUMMIT

Affiliates, please update thy links >.<


To all the authors of Pandora hearts, you can log-in with the same username/password. Just check the sidebar at the new site!


4 thoughts on “Pandora Hearts is moving?! and…

  1. well..i’m happy. i’m not that surprised anymore. LOL. and i totally accept the move. OH! my posting-mayhem is solved. FINALLY!. i can post again. i rebooted, accidentally lost ALMOST everything, and am being surprisingly calm about it. :D. i’m pissed..but i’m STILL calm. LOL.

    just saying.

    BTW, i like the new moving place. it’s..interesting. LOL. i’m liking it.

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