Age: 16
Location: Philippines
Fandom: Any love pairings would do
Hobbies: Web designing, blogging, drawing, taking pictures and listening to music
Place: Japan
Fastfood: Mcdonalds
Food: Chippy
Color: Black and pastel themed
Word: Really now~
Expression: >w<
Myanimelist: Sakimichi
Friendfeed: Maeabi


Name: missXkriix
Age: 17 (as of last March 2) ❤
Location: Philippines
Fandom: match-ups, anything thats interesting and entertaining. xDD
Hobbies: blogging, drawing, taking pictures and listening to music, sleeping
Color: RED
Word: waaaa.
Expression: xDDD
Myanimelist: miss_kriix (if my memory serves me right)
Crunchyroll: 0x0xkRiZx0x0


Name: Mr. B-Zamora (pen name)
Age: 19
Location: Manila
Fandom: Cyberpunk and Dystopian anime
Hobbies: Lifting weights and Reading books
Ghost in the Shell, Texhnolyze, NANA, Haibane Renmei, Mouryou no Hako, Shigurui, Serial experiments Lain.

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  1. Hey there Haruka!, thanks for the comments 😛

    I didn’t expect to become an Anime blog but it’s slowly turning into one based on my love for it. I rarely ever getting linked by others, so it’s an honor to be on your blogroll 🙂

    Take care!

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